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Sales isn't what it used to be. Films like the Wolf of Wall Street, though extremely enjoyable to watch, aren't very accurate portrayal of what is working today in the sales world, especially in the high ticket sales space. 


One off liners and tactics won't get you very far. I'm not saying they don't work, they a matter of a fact do. Though not as well as the method I'm about to tell you, they do in fact work. I can tell you that from a fact, I've used those lines to close $12,000 deals off a cold call. Don't believe me? Check this out here.

But it comes at a cost... leading to customers who bought from a state of weakness and pressure, not from a state of self power. Resulting in clients and customers who won't succeed with your program, and most likely will have a buyers remorse that leads to some type of refund or chargeback. 


How about a method that closes more clients and results in better results for your clients, leading to better results for your company? 


When people think of Sales people, they think of brashy, pushy people that use hard closing, interrogation, and diving deep into that prospects pain to get the only thing that closer wants... the prospects credit card. Regardless of the best interest for that prospect. 

This type of sales style that you see going on still works as mentioned, but is fastly dying out. 

A new style has emerged that will be victorious in the next years, and decades to come. And that is Leadership based sales.


You see, with the world "closer" commonly used in sales, it show the outcome is only focused on one thing. "Closing" the deal. 

Closing the deal should be your second focused outcome. The first should be doing what's best for that prospect, which is where leadership based sales comes in. 

Having a dialogue - not a sales script, understanding what that prospect actually needs - even if it's not what they think they need, talking like a normal human with "umms, likes, and hmms" - not sounding perfectly polished and sharp as a tac, coaching them on what they need to do - not just blindly pitching a copy and paste pitch, leading them through self-fear and resistance at the end of a offer - not just handling objections. 

These are some of the traits of a leadership based sales person. 

Where most sales people are focused on being the soccer player scoring as much as they can, I focus on being the goalie and keeping shots out. 

This results in me not having to be "salesy", gives the best outcomes for the prospect, leads to the best clients for the business, and results in myself closing multi-six figures per month. 

This is what I do. And this is what I teach.


Some of My Client Results

What happens when you stop being a sales person and instead be a leader...

"7 Figure Run Rate in 3 Days!"

- Joel Kaplan, 2 Comma Club Winner

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